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About us

Boondocks Army Surplus offers a large variety of services and products geared for law enforcement officers, EMT, firefighters, medical staff, gun and outdoor enthusiast and for individuals who like to be prepared.  Our products include:

  • Firearms, Ammunition and Reloading

  • Gun Repair Services

  • Emergency Supplies

  • Scrubs and Medical Equipment

  • Tactical Clothing

  • Military Uniforms and Novelties

Gun Repairs


Boondocks Army Surplus are certified armorers in Glock, Sig Sauer and AR15 repair.  We can also complete most repairs on other brands including sight installations.

Custom Holsters


Looking for a good reiable holster for your conceal carry firearm.  Boondocks has you covered.  We make custom KYDEX holsters for almost every gun.

Hall of Heros Museum


Be sure to check out our Military Museum honoring all the local veterans.  Come see their photos and read the stories that they have to share.

Conceal Carry Classes


Boondocks offers monthly conceal carry classes to the public.  They are two-day classes with approximately 6-8 hours of classroom instruction and 6-8 hours of range time.  Each student will shoot approximately 150 rounds on the range.  Multiple shooting tactics are taught in this class.

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