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Advanced Concealed Carry Classes

Advanced Concealed Carry:


This class is designed for the person that has already taken a concealed carry class and wishes to take their training to the next level.  This is 6-hour one day course.


Students will start in the classroom for approximately 1-hour to review laws and draw techniques.  Students will then be presented with decision making scenarios via a reactive simulator.  Each student will go through approximately 6 scenarios over an approximate 2-hours time frame.


The third phase of this training will step up the heart rate as we will subject the student to some force-on-force training using role players and simunition type firearms.  Students will encounter a situation, engage in verbal commands and engage role player accordingly.




  • Handgun

  • Holster and belt

  • Must be healthy enough to endure some moderate stress



COST:  $100.00  for prior Boondocks CCW Class students, $125.00 for all others.

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