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Shooting Reactive Time

Course Goal:


To teach the student to accurately put mulitple rounds on mulitple targets 1-1.5 seconds..




This is a 2-day cource in which the students will be guided through mulitple timed exercises involving shooting at a wide variety of target configurations.  As the course progresses, the challenges increase while the times decrease.  Each student will shoot approximately 500 rounds over the 2-days.


Class Requirements:


  • Student should be a proficient shooter - THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER COURSE

  • Full Size quality firearm - 9mm or higher

  • 500 Rounds of FMJ ammunitiion

  • OWD holster w/retention and trigger guard

  • 4 magazines and a double mag pouch

  • Good quality belt

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing Protection

  • Ball cap or appropriate headwear



Course Completion:


Students will receive feedback on the live-fire exercise and a course certificate upon successful completion of the lessons. 


Course Cost: $200.00

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