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NRA Refuse to Be a Victim

Course Goal:


To teach strategies people can integrate into their everyday lives to avoid becoming a victim of a crime.




A complete seminar may last as long as four or five hours and include the entire lesson plan, but a modified seminar may be as short as one or two hours and cover topics that will best suit the needs of a particular audience. This is not a firearms instruction course, and does not include instruction in physical combat self-defense. Seminars teach common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of, and a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive and easy to follow. The seminar includes classroom instruction on criminal psychology, automobile crimes, cyber safety, home security, and a variety of crime prevention strategies including carjack avoidance techniques, use of personal safety devices, and more.


Course Completion:


Students receive the Refuse To Be A Victim student handbook, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim brochure, Refuse To Be A Victim firearms supplement, and a course completion certificate.


Course Cost: TBD

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